Selecting interior and exterior paint colors might be one of the most overwhelming parts of home decorating in building process. Finding a perfect color is tricky as each room might have its own lighting, furniture, and surfaces that will influence wall color.

Over the years, we have experimented with a myriad of colors and brands, from Sherwin Williams classy beach colors inspired by coastal theme to neutrals Benjamin Moore that created soothing appeal thoughout the home. Focused on giving your home a timeless design, below we gathered 3 of rich neutral colors that work with a variety of color palettes & styles and resonate for years to come.

1. Benjamin Moore, White Dove, OC-16: Light and Luminous

White Dove is among one of the most popular whites. It is especially neutral and complements a wide range of colors. Its undertone has a touch of gray that mutes the color nicely so the resulting color does not read as a stark white. “White Dove also maintains enough warmth so that it is not too cool, yet it does not go too creamy or yellow”says design expert Andrea Magno. This balance of warm and cool is often hard to find, making White Dove to be frequently recommended by designers and bloggers such as Emily Henderson, Erin Gates, and Suzanne and Lauren McGrath.

2. Benjamin Moore, Edgecomb Gray, HC-173: Earthy and Organic Neutral

If you are looking for the most popular greige paint color – Edgecomb Gray is the choice! It is a great selection for a fresh, but somewhat soft, warm, and organic look as blogger Kylie M. describes. Unlike many greige colors, Edgecomb Gray has a creamy feeling without sneaky undertones.This creaminess adds warmth and softness, particularly in rooms with northern exposure or shadowed areas. This color can add warm cream touch while holding itself as a solid greige – depending on the light, it can look slightly more gray or beige.

3. Benjamin Moore, Berber White, 955: Timeless and Elegant

A part of Classic Color Collection, this color selection delivers timeless, elegant look all the time, every time. The undertone of warm beige complements styles from traditional to modern and everything in between. It gives more than just a warm backdrop to the room – it glows in the afternoon light.

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