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In the early 1980s Ken Griggs had been actively involved in house framing. Passionate about building unique homes, Ken wanted to be engaged in every aspect of the home construction process. In the 1980s he completed drafting courses at College of the Albemarle, received his NC General Contractor license, and Griggs & Co. Homes was born. Joined by his sons, Dan and Brad, Griggs & Co. Homes today is a General Contractor with the full scope of services: from home design to cabinetry fabrication.

Passionate about building homes, we invite you to start your new story with us.

What We Do

Buy tindamax (tinidazole). online, Purchase Tinidazole

Buy tindamax (tinidazole). online, Purchase Tinidazole

Because each home is unique and so is every client, our design team works with you to turn your vision into reality. Our consulting combined with building experience will guide you towards a custom design to fit your plans, budget, and personality.


Custom Homes

A custom-built house allows you to be in total control of personal desires and demands all the way down to the door knobs. When construction is complete, you get what you dreamed it would be.



Griggs & Co. serves our customers with expertise on current technologies in home improvement processes, management of budgets and timelines, and streamlined delivery.

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