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At Griggs & Co Homes we are problem solvers and eager to deliver results that are above and beyond the expected. Thoughtfully planned and masterfully crafted, our homes are among the most highly regarded on the Outer Banks. We strive for quality of home, not quantity, and our results speak for themselves. It’s our mission to put our client’s minds at ease and to make their experience as predictable, efficient, and enjoyable as possible. On the Outer Banks, we have earned a reputation for superior craftsmanship and a client focus. Here at Griggs & Co Homes our passionate team takes your vision and transforms it into reality.

Who Is Griggs&Co.

It’s our mission to put our client’s minds at ease and to make their experience as predictable, efficient, and enjoyable as possible. On the Outer Banks, we have earned a reputation for superior craftsmanship and a client focus. Here at Griggs & Co Homes our passionate team takes your vision and transforms it into reality.
At Griggs & Co we are problem solvers and eager to deliver results that are above and beyond the expected. Thoughtfully planned and masterfully crafted, our homes are among the most highly regarded on the Outer Banks.
We strive for quality of home, not quantity, and our results speak for themselves.

We Are Skilled

Design not your area of expertise? We work hand in hand with helping our clients make design decisions easier throughout the building process.

We know what it takes to make a cohesive home that not only looks great now, but for years to come.

Here at Griggs and Co. we have built numerous homes on the Outer Banks and surrounding areas. We can take your plans and build your dream home, or our in-house contractor can work with you and help bring your vision to life.

With five generations of construction experience on the Outer Banks we can handle any of your construction needs.

We can handle any of your trim or custom built in needs with our in house trim experts. We have trimmed countless homes, built custom built-ins and even custom bunk beds.

Meet Our Team

Ken Griggs
Ken Griggs
Ken takes a hands-on approach to almost every aspect of the business he has been building for over 30 years. Having a client focus is the key fundamental of Ken’s business and because of this he makes himself personally available at all times. Throughout all phases of construction, Ken is onsite every day and works closely with designers, subcontractors, and suppliers so that your home is built to the highest specifications in the industry. His extensive experience with construction and master carpentry skills result in a sound-built home of precision that is second to none.

Our Happy Clients

“Griggs and Co built our families “dream house” in 2010 on the Outer Banks. We are thrilled with the outcome. Working with Griggs and Co was a joy – we found them to be honest, professional and the workmanship beyond our expectations. We not only got a great house, but also great friends. We would do it again.”
Gylnis Dalgarn
“My wife and I have purchased and sold many homes so we are not new to real estate. We decided to build a home in the Outerbanks despite being 1500 miles away. Before you call us dumb folks from Kansas, you need to recognize that my wife has extraordinarily high standards which resulted in our selection of the Griggs team.

Why? The usual qualities include integrity, pride of workmanship, hands on participant and of course, follow through and experience. Ken will not be the highest bidder nor the lowest, but what I can state is that he will deliver a product with the little touches that turn a house into a home.

One other comment. Ken will treat your home like it is his including keeping an eye on it during times when you are not in town. Griggs&Co. delivers long after the contract has been completed and we can honestly say that our builder has become our friend. You will not be sorry you hired Griggs&Co.”

Brian Kawamoto
“What a surprise when we opened the beautiful painting waiting for us at the house!
It will truly hold a very special place in our new home. Gosh, we couldn’t believe it as if building us such a beautiful, quality home that we just love weren’t enough? You are so kind and thank you so much, too, for all your help in the MANY, MANY decisions that had to be made throughout the process! You’re the best!”
Cindy & Barney Barnett
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